The Many Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a popular and relaxing form of martial arts that offers numerous health benefits. Tai Chi classes are often associated with the elderly, but the truth is that people of all ages can enjoy and greatly benefit from adding this graceful form of exercise into their daily routine.

Tai Chi’s Top Benefits 

1. Strength and Flexibility

If you wake up stiff in the morning or are suffering from a limited range of motion, Tai Chi can help. According to Harvard Medical School, Tai Chi boosts muscle strength and provides increased lower and upper-body flexibility. You’re not going to bulk up your muscles like you would with a lot of weight training. However, the slow movements of Tai Chi are comparable to resistance training and promote increased upper and lower-body strength.

2. Balance

Some people naturally have more difficulty with balance than others. Whether you’re elderly, autistic or simply feel klutzy from time to time, a lack of balance can be a common yet challenging issue. Fortunately, Tai Chi has been proven to improve balance in active participants. In fact, marital arts in general are often recommended for children and adults on the autism spectrum because they are so beneficial for boosting coordination and balance. These same benefits can work for everyone, and regular Tai Chi makes you less likely to suffer from an accidental fall.

3. Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Tai Chi is commonly referred to as moving meditation. Performing Tai Chi is relaxing, and studies have discovered that those who spend a few minutes doing this on a daily basis experience a reduction in stress, depression and anxiety.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

Do you have issues with high blood pressure? If so, Tai Chi is a great option to help you get your blood pressure under control. You will also experience overall heart health improvements from this ancient martial art.

5. Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is instrumental in many issues, ranging from chronic pain to dementia. Therefore, Tai Chi and anything else you can do to reduce inflammation will be very helpful for your quality of life.

Starting a Tai Chi Routine

There are many ways to get started with Tai Chi such as joining a local class or purchasing an instructional DVD. YouTube also features a long list of free videos, including 8 Minute Daily Tai Chi and Morning Chi for Beginners Part One and Part Two.

Massage and Tai Chi

Anne L. Nader is a licensed massage therapist in Novi, Michigan. Anne practices Tai Chi daily, and she encourages her clients to do the same thing. Tai Chi is a natural addition to a lifestyle that includes regular massages because both promote increased flexibility, reduced inflammation and a more relaxed body and mind. Anne recommends daily Tai Chi and a weekly massage for the best results. Book your next massage online now!


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Massage Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer Reflection

More than 226,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. every year. Each of them faces extensive treatment programs, and some physicians incorporate massage therapy into the mix. There are numerous reasons for making this choice, including the well-documented benefits of massage for pain management and stress reduction.

In a recent study, researchers discovered that massage therapy offers significant improvements in pain, energy, mood, insomnia, fatigue, alertness, anxiety and stress for breast cancer patients who are in the process of undergoing autologous tissue reconstruction.

A meta-analysis of supportive care options also indicated that massage therapy is recommended for improving the patient’s overall quality of life. Additionally, a study specifically into the quality of life for breast cancer patients found that individuals who receive aromatherapy massage receive the most positive results.

You can receive a massage in Novi, MI, to help you with pain management, stress relief, insomnia and many other breast cancer related complications. Be sure to ask for aromatherapy as part of your session to boost the benefits of each massage. Book your massage online or call 734-383-2221 for more information. Your first 60 minute wellness or reflexology massage will be only $49!

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It’s Flu Season: Boost Your Immune System With Regular Massages


Every year, up to 20 percent of the U.S. population gets the influenza virus, and this leads to approximately 200,000 hospitalizations. The flu shot is credited with dramatically reducing the risk of developing this illness, but it not a magic cure, nor does it work for everyone. With this in mind, it is important to take other proactive steps to help yourself stay well during the flu and cold season.

As of the October 17 CDC Influenza Weekly Report, confirmed reports of the flu were still in the minimal stage in Michigan. However, the number of people seeking medical assistance for flu and cold related symptoms is rising every week.

If you are planning to get a flu shot, now is the time to do so. You will also want to start washing your hands even more frequently than usual, and be sure to avoid spending time with people who are sick. Additionally, getting a weekly massage can help boost your immune system, which will make you less susceptible to cold and flu germs.

According to a study in “The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine,” a single massage is able to produce measurable biologic benefits. Receiving a massage weekly can offer your immune system a much-needed boost, and this is important for fighting off the flu. Individuals with an autoimmune or inflammatory condition may also experience positive results from regular massages.

Massage has been medically proven to reduce the amount of cortisol, better known as the stress hormone, within the human body. High levels of stress are very taxing on the immune system, and this means that making time for massages and relaxing activities should be part of your overall health and wellness plan.

Please note that if you do get the flu, it is not a good idea to keep your scheduled massage appointment. Instead, you should ask your massage therapist to reschedule your appointment after you get better. This will allow your system to heal, and it will also help avoid spreading your illness to numerous other people.

You can schedule massages online to give your body the immune system boost that it needs to help you more effectively fight off colds and the flu. Anne L. Nader is an award-winning massage therapist in Novi, MI, and her signature wellness massages, reflexology and hot stone massages are all designed to help you attain your wellness goals.

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Spend Time in Nature Between Massages

Michigan Fall

Most people book a massage in Novi because they want to relax, de-stress and improve their overall health. There have been numerous studies that have linked massage to these and many more benefits, but what can you do between massages to help maintain a state of relaxation?

According to, spending time in nature is one of the best things that you can do for your mental health. Researchers have also determined that walking for as little as 20 minutes a day is a big stress reliever, and this means that taking a short nature walk is an ideal way to relax.

Right now is the perfect time for a nature walk in the Novi, MI, area. The leaves have almost hit their peak color, and the temperature is well-suited to hiking. Fortunately, Novi and the surrounding area is home to an extensive list of nature trails, including those found at Maybury State Park and Lakeshore Park.

If you are not used to walking or hiking, make sure that you stretch properly before and after. You should also slowly build up your pace and distance throughout several nature treks. Additionally, continuing to receive regular massages will enhance your relaxation benefits, improve your immune system and help your body successfully adjust to your new nature-based exercise routine.

Anne L. Nader is a licensed massage therapist in Novi, MI, who specializes in signature wellness massages, reflexology and hot stone massages. Nader was named one of the Best Massages in Metro Detroit for 2015 by WDIV, and she offers an introductory special for new clients. Visit to learn more!

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Massage Therapy May Benefit Children with Down Syndrome


Several recent medical studies have concluded that massage therapy offers important benefits for patients with Down syndrome, especially if they receive regular massages during childhood. For example, a study that was published in 2014 indicates that infants who were given body massages as part of an overall treatment plan exhibited accelerated development and a significantly higher level of visual acuity versus their peers who were not treated with massage therapy.

Children under the age of four who have Down syndrome or cerebral palsy have also reported significant improvements in their motor skills after starting a massage therapy program. Additionally, two newer studies found surprising benefits attached to massage therapy for young children with Down syndrome, including improved language skills.

Parents of children who have Down syndrome may wish to consult with a licensed massage therapist who is certified in pediatric massage. There are a few offices that offer this service in Michigan, and you can find your closest location by googling “Pediatric Massage.”

Anne L. Nader is a licensed massage therapist and neuromuscular therapist in Novi, MI. She does not currently offer pediatric massage, but anyone who is looking for hot stone, deep tissue, wellness, reflexology or a relaxation massage may benefit from her more than eight years of experience. Nader was recently named one of the best massage therapists in Metro Detroit by WDIV, and new clients will receive $30 off their first 60 minute massage. Book your massage in Novi online or by calling 734.383.2221.

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