Massage Therapy May Benefit Children with Down Syndrome


Several recent medical studies have concluded that massage therapy offers important benefits for patients with Down syndrome, especially if they receive regular massages during childhood. For example, a study that was published in 2014 indicates that infants who were given body massages as part of an overall treatment plan exhibited accelerated development and a significantly higher level of visual acuity versus their peers who were not treated with massage therapy.

Children under the age of four who have Down syndrome or cerebral palsy have also reported significant improvements in their motor skills after starting a massage therapy program. Additionally, two newer studies found surprising benefits attached to massage therapy for young children with Down syndrome, including improved language skills.

Parents of children who have Down syndrome may wish to consult with a licensed massage therapist who is certified in pediatric massage. There are a few offices that offer this service in Michigan, and you can find your closest location by googling “Pediatric Massage.”

Anne L. Nader is a licensed massage therapist and neuromuscular therapist in Novi, MI. She does not currently offer pediatric massage, but anyone who is looking for hot stone, deep tissue, wellness, reflexology or a relaxation massage may benefit from her more than eight years of experience. Nader was recently named one of the best massage therapists in Metro Detroit by WDIV, and new clients will receive $30 off their first 60 minute massage. Book your massage in Novi online or by calling 734.383.2221.

Photo by Andreas Photography


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